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Matrix Energetics






A chance introduction to Richard Bartlett’s book, The Physics of Miracles, set me on the path to transformation via Matrix Energetics. I was so inspired that I immediately arranged to attend three seminars in Florida, US, where I discovered that it really does deliver what it promises!

Matrix Energetics – Scientific, rational and highly effective

Matrix Energetics involves letting go of everyday explanations and definitions and expecting the unexpected.  It’s powerful, liberating and wholly natural.

Richard Bartlett’s amazing books, Matrix Energetics, the Science and Art of transformation and The Physics of Miracles, Tapping into the Field of Consciousness Potential provide a rational, scientific explanation of exactly how Matrix Energetics works:

“Matrix Energetics is not energy work or healing in the usual sense. It is instead an avenue for instantaneous personal transformation utilizing focused intent and a light gentle touch. At the level of the photon our bodies and the world around us is made up of information and light.
This matrix, or grid of patterned intelligence, is the framework for the creation and manifestation of all form and reality. We are surrounded by and are connected to a responsive and finely tuned biological information field.
Within this information based field, disease and trauma patterns are interpreted by the matrix as disruptions in the natural order and flow of energy that comprises the grid like matrix which creates and sustains our individual reality… the body will instantly respond. It will often flow into new yoga-like postures or gently collapse into the transformation. Within, one experiences release of pain or feels a new sense of light, freedom and possibility. Transformation is a power we co-create with. We use our sense of play and imagination.”

(matrixenergetics.com, Dr Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D.)

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