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Homeopathy FAQ

Who can homeopathy help?

Homeopathy is suitable for all ages and conditions. Homeopathic remedies can safely be used at every stage in life, including pregnancy and breast-feeding. It is even perfectly safe for new-borns and the elderly.

What conditions can be treated?

You don’t need a diagnosis to benefit from homeopathy. Many people feel unwell without knowing why, a situation I treat regularly. I often help people with skin, digestive, reproductive and respiratory disorders, as well as stress-related issues and day-to-day health maintenance.

My doctor has prescribed medicines. Can I still use homeopathy?

Homeopathy works well in tandem with conventional medicine, and can often be helpful in dealing with side-effects. It is very important to let me know what you have been prescribed, so that I can work with your medication without interfering with it.

Will I feel worse after taking the remedies?

While most people feel positive benefits, it’s possible you might experience short-lived symptoms like a cold, nausea, diarrhoea, or sometimes even a rash as your body eliminates toxins. This usually clears within a few days, leaving you ready to respond positively to the remedies. It is important to contact me if your symptoms persist, and I’m always available to give advice as needed between consultations.

How many sessions will I need?

Your first follow-up appointment is usually made for 4 weeks after your initial consultation. Once an improvement is established, we can lengthen the interval. I often see people at 4, 6 or 8 week intervals, and many people come for maintenance treatments every 3, 6 or 12 months. Because everyone is unique, there’s no set pattern.

What happens in the sessions?

First, we’ll spend time talking through your experiences and history, health background and priorities, followed by a healing session as wished. Your first session will last for an hour, while follow-ups usually last for 45 minutes. Younger people often need less time, which I reflect by giving concessionary rates to under sixteens.

Any more questions?

I’m always happy to answer questions, contact me